A camera can't always capture magic moments

In my nine years of being a mom, I have had the joy of experiencing countless magic moments.

Magic moments

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The first words from my child's mouth. The first steps of their tiny feet. The first time my youngest tried to say his sister's name. Coincidentally, my boy is why I call my daughter "GG" on this blog.

As my children got older, I realized that the magic moments continue.

The fist time my daughter learned to ride her skateboard


The street fair where my son experienced a moment in time with a fire fighter.

fire fighter

The moment my children realized they had limitations

cake at Gullifty's

I often try to capture these moments on "film", but sometimes things happen that a camera can't quite capture.

This past weekend I was hosting a Tupperware party at my mom's house. The husband was out of town which meant I had to take the kids with me to the party. We packed up some of their favorite toys before we left home and I hoped for the best. We had a busy day and I knew their ability to get a long would only last so long.

The party went well, however it was much longer than any of us planned for. Our consultant was a talker. Four hours after the party had started, my friends began to make their way home while my mom and I cleaned up. While we were helping the consultant pack her stuff away, she mentioned how well behaved my kids were. My children did bicker, I won't lie. It is impossible for siblings to get along all of the time. The three of us all being moms, we knew some disagreements were to be expected. But in general, my kids played well all night and kept their noses out of the party. The four hour long party!!

Many days I have my doubts about how well I manage this thing called parenthood. Hearing someone I have only met twice compliment my children like that boosted my confidence in myself. It also made me very proud of my children.

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Oka said...

I love it when someone spends the time to compliment my children (because it is always a compliment about the mother, of course).

Unknown said...

WOOT WOOT on kids being good. Bless their hearts I am not sure I would have still been nice after 4 hours..

Kmama said...

You could link this up for PMM too! I would be so proud of my kids. I love when I get compliments from other people.

Those are great pictures. I love the one with the dessert!

Shell said...

Yay for such a great moment! I love when my kids are good like that. :)

Unknown said...

There's nothing like a compliment on your parenting! Such sweet pics too! I love the cake one. That was us last night at dinner! :)

Unknown said...

I love it when the kids act well in public! When I get compliments about how well behaved they are, I have to sit back and think, yeah, they are great good kids. I just get to witness all the bad stuff the most. lol!

Emmy said...

That is a great PMM! Love how you combined the two memes. And I love the forehead slap- that dessert does look so good but very sweet.