Superhero? No, just a concerned parent

It was late in the morning yesterday. I stepped out the back door and walked around to the front of the house. I was going to check the mail. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a little girl in red across the street. Alone.

People of all ages are constantly walking up and down our hill. I've noticed that many kids are like my own - they run ahead of their parents, but after a few houses they stop to wait. This little girl was looking up and down the street. I assumed she was waiting for an adult who was walking slower to catch up. I sat and watched. Call it motherly instinct.

After a few minutes this little girl in red began to cry. Loud. I walked across the street to ask her if she was ok. Obviously she wasn't, but it would have bothered me if I did nothing. She was looking for her sister. I looked around. Not a soul in sight. I asked her if they were walking and got separated. This was her story...

Her sister left and she was home alone. Wondering where the sister went, this little girl in red let her house and began to walk. I think she panicked when she couldn't find her sister.

I asked her if she wanted to come stand n my driveway while I called a police man to help her. We crossed the street and she had a seat on my front steps. While she was squishing the ants, I asked her a few questions - her name, phone number, and where her house was.

She told me her name and that her house was right down the street. However, I had already called the police and I wasn't walking her to a house when I didn't know who, if anyone, was home. At 7 years old, this little girl did not know her phone number. She said the school knows it and they can call, but her parents didn't want her to know the number and be able to call.

Let me just stop right there and say What The Hell?! Both of my kids knew our phone number and address because of situations like this.

After a few minutes the police man pulls up to my house. Between the 3 of us, we figure out what happened. This little girl of 7 was home alone with one of her sisters, who are 10 and 13. Whoever was watching her left.

I watched the police man drive her to her house, which was not even 2 blocks away. This house must beg for trouble because the last family to occupy it was a piece of work. Right as they were pulling into the driveway I see another little girl running to the house. This girl was no bigger than my own daughter, who is a few months shy of 10. A few minutes pass when the police car drives back up my street with both girls in the back.

I don't know this family and I don't why those young girls were home alone, but I do know I am glad I was able to help the youngest.

Until next time...


Kmama said...

Thank goodness for kind people like you. That little girl had to have been so scared!!!

Buddy has known his address and phone number since he was four. I'm now working on it with Buster. It's so important that they know those things!

Mrs. Match said...

I'm sooo glad you were able to help her. Sounds like some really shoddy parenting happening over there!

Liz said...

Wow, do you know if anything ended up happening with the parents? Kate has known her phone number for over 2 years now. She knows her address, too.

This is such a shame and so confusing.

Sandra said...

I have a 7 year old, and although he knows his phone number (just had to get that in there) I would be so grateful if someone like you took the time to check on him if he was standing there crying!