Brace for it

Don't let this adorable little face fool you.

The pinchable cheeks and baby blues are only a cover.

He owns this shirt for a reason!

Since the weekend, Little Dude has been nothing short of ridiculous. The only explanation I can come up with is his fall down the stairs Saturday afternoon. His forehead met the metal banister. The corner of it to be precise. A nasty purple bruise and a nice sized egg, but he's ok. But I believe that in this fall, he destroyed the part of his brain that tells his body to listen to his mother.

Monday night I finally had enough. The sideways glances from every single patron in Caribou Coffee sent me over the edge. I think they were just as fed up as I was with the


As soon as we returned home it was off to put my escape plan into action. I ran to the bathroom and slammed the door. Ten minutes and a nice hot shower were all I needed. No screaming, no crying, just me and the hot, steamy water to wash all my stress away.

As my need a manicure hands were tangled in my light brown soapy hair, I hear it. The toilet lid came crashing down. I was so involved in my thoughts that I failed to hear the door open and close. I failed to hear bottles rattle as a little person sat down to do their business. But I did hear the lid.

I stopped what I was doing and braced myself. Don't stand directly under the water, hold my breath. Oh dear God! It's coming, it's coming!

Thankfully I was spared a flush.

My sanity however, was not fully spared.

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Oka said... glad someone was nice enough to spare you the flush, even with all the anticipation.

Unknown said...

UGH I hate when they flush and I am in the shower. Hoping he comes back around to the lil man you know soon.

Kmama said...

We actually don't have the problem with the flush in our house (thank goodness!), but at the hotel we stayed at in Cancun, I nearly got my skin burned off. (Thank you Buddy!)

Dawn said...

i always yell out don't flush!! glad you got away flush free!

Stacy Uncorked said...

SO glad you didn't get the flush!! And that picture is way to funny! :)

WW: Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Princess Nagger Style

Diane said...

I think my boys were born without that little chip that allows them to hear what I am saying!
My 11 year old purposely flushed the toilet on my 7 year old the other night and we heard a big scream! He kept saying "he told me to, he told me too...we were doing an experiment" and laughed until he couldn't breathe. ugh!

Lisa said...

LOL! I remember my kids doing that to me and I also remember when they were teens getting them back on purpose.

PythonKatie said...

Are you sure it isn't something in the air?
My normally sweet and obedient son has become "Sir Whines A Lot" this week.


I feel for you gal.

At least he didn't flush...for once you can be proud of him for NOT doing what you taught him to do...right???