Pure Torture

Tired of snowSurprise, surprise, it snowed.

I could share a picture with you of the 7 inches that wreaked havoc on this city Monday night as well as Tuesday morning, but I won't. Not only am I sick of snow, I'm sick of taking pictures of the snow.

So instead I'm going to share the ultimate form of torture!

Last Friday was Girl Scout cookie delivery day. The truck comes, us leaders help unload it, and then we stop and stare.

Girl Scout cookies

Some cases are smaller than others so you can't see every type of cookie in this picture. I took this after we were done unloading the truck. There are well over a thousand cases of cookies in those piles. Most sections are 150-200 cases across as well as 2 or 3 rows deep. That's a lot of cookies.

The torture? You may think it's the constant bending over to unload the cases, or counting everything to make sure we have the right amount, but it's not.

It's pure torture to be surrounded by over a thousand cases, more than 12,000 individual boxes of cookies and we can't touch a single cookie!

After the truck is unloaded, leaders collect all the cases their troop ordered. Then leaders have to break down those cases to the individual girl level. And then we wait for those girls to come and pick up their order. The whole process took 5 hours.

We all seem to have a good system when it comes to this, but I couldn't wait to get home so I could open up my own boxes. 5 hours looking at something so yummy and not being able to touch it? I repeat, pure torture!!!

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Anonymous said...

That does sound like torture, to see all those boxes of cookies and not be able to open one!

Our Girl Scout cookies are long gone!

Oka said...

Thanks for reminding me. I need to pay a Girl Scout for some cookies (not for me, sending them to the troops).

Kmama said...

That's a lot of cookies. We bought 3 boxes from one niece and 2 from another. The three boxes came in this weekend and are almost gone. Mmm.

Losing Brownies said...

Girl Scout Cookies are the end of me I swear! I devoured a whole box of Samoas in a day, on my own!

Stacy Uncorked said...

That would be torture to be amongst all those boxes and not be able to indulge! ;)

WW: Paleontologist Heaven at Paleopalooza

Life Without Pink said...

Oh my that is complete torture! When a box of cookies are near me I can't top eating them!

Rachel said...

I don't know any girl scouts. Part of me is sad, the other part the part that has to fit in my jeans tomorrow is happy. I don't know how you lasted that long without ripping thru a box of those chocolate ones with the caramel and coconut...