I hit the big one

If there is one thing I have learned since having kids it's that they can be little manipulators.

Last year Bendaroos were the big thing in this house.


Bendaroos are pieces of yarn covered in wax. They can be manipulated in various creations. Animals, pictures frames, your name on the wall, you name it, it can probably be made. GG begged and pleaded for some Bendaroos. She even went as far as sitting in front of the tv, pen and paper in hand, so she could write down the phone number for us.

Our grocery store has a "Seen on TV" section and they finally got an order of Bendaroos. I caved and for 2 weeks, we played with nothing but Bendaroos. Since then? They're sitting in the bottom of her Moon Sand covered toy box.

I'm not proud to admit that we have caved on a few other pleas from the midgets. I don't feel the need to list all of our downfalls, but I will saw we have a nice collection of Swinkies. Those things are like rabbits - I swear they multiply overnight!

One night while watching cartoons, Little Dude started his pleas for a particular item - a sleep number bed.

Sleep number bed

Now the husband and I are fully aware that the Dude needs a new bed. Space and money are issues, but we are working on it. I told him he wasn't getting a sleep number bed, so he upped the begging a notch or two.

I don't like my bed! It's not comfortable!

I start to chuckle. He would have room to be comfortable if he took out some blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, cars, blocks...

My back hurts when I sleep!

This plea induced a good belly laugh from me. Complete with tears!

I climbed the steps to tell the husband upstairs. I had to go slow and hold the railing because my laughter was throwing me off balance and the tears made it difficult to see.

I return to the living room to see a meek 5 year old with big crocodile tears streaming down his face. When he sees me looking he promptly hides beneath one of his many blankets.

I hear a muffled "My back really does hurt when I sleep"

I think this may have been the mother of all mom fails.

Until next time....


Unknown said...

Oh whoops been on the other side of those moments a few times myself. One of those things that you can't stop laughing about.

Kmama said...

Aww. It IS funny, but poor Little Dude. I love that he wants a sleep number bed. Perhaps the most expensive bed on the market.

Cyndy Bush said...

You mean you escaped the Silly Bandz craze? Lucky you!
How cute that he wants that bed! Love it.

Liz Mays said...

Oh no, the crocodile tears came out?

Rachel said...

Not sure what a swinkie is but I totally got suckered into buying the Super Silly Straws (or something along those lines) and for thirty dollars my wonderful nephew got a bunch of plastic bendy straws with a few connectors and my sister reports he has never spilled more juice in his life. Its nice to be Auntie and not Mommy sometimes :)

Anonymous said...

My 5 year old is totally sold on every info-mercial item. Convinced we need every single one! So I am totally laughing over here reading this.
Poor lil man - he probably doesn't even weigh even to put a dent into the mattress...