In Trouble

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in trouble

in trouble

Like a good girl, I ate all of my eggs, pancakes, and bacon.

And some more bacon.

I put my dirty dish on the counter. The counter is in the kitchen and that's where dirty dishes go. That's what I tell my kids anyway.

GG~ Mom? Is this your dirty dish from dinner? *pointing to my plate on the counter while giving me "the eye"*

ME~ Yes *it's dirty and in the kitchen for you to wash, what more do you want child?*

GG~ Mom, from now on, if the sink's not full, can you put your dirty dishes in the sink instead of on the counter?

Wow! I guess she put me in my place!

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BNM said...

lmao thats hilarious!

Stacy.Wills said...

I've got to agree with GG on this one... My husband drives me batty when he puts his dirty dishes right NEXT TO the empty sink. At least she asked nicely. ;-)

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

Man, she told you! Hilarious!

Kmama said...

Hahaha. I get mad at dirty dishes on the counter too. Love GG!

Losing Brownies said...

Uh Oh! It's amazing when children call us out!

Shell said...

LOL She told you!