Disgruntled Mama

Dear Mother Nature,

This crap you have going on outside is not conducive to, well, anything! Trying to shovel the snow off my front porch Monday night took 3 people. Keep in mind, we have a tiny porch. After 30 seconds I could no longer feel my fingers so I had to pass to shovel to someone else.

Today isn't going to be any better. And this creates a problem. A big one.

You see, my midgets have their school holiday concert. The politically correct "Winter Concert" where they sing Jingle Bells and Rudolph. The problem lays in what they need to wear. It has been made known to me that the school prefers the children to be dressed up so they look nice and stuff. I don't know about you, Mother Nature, but I can't think of too many warm holiday outfits. Dresses do NOT cover one's legs and dress pants are NOT thick. At all!

Even though we only have to walk from the car to the doors of the school, it's still cold as anything out there. Temperatures pushing negative numbers does not make me happy!

And now that I think about exactly what outfits they are going to wear it has occurred to me that said concert is after lunch. Kindergartners are not the cleanest of eaters. Come to think of it, neither are 3rd graders. Perhaps what I need to do is write a letter of complaint to the school instead.


Disgruntled Mama

ps. I am really excited about this show. GG is in the chorus this year and will do her own songs and this is Little Dude's first school show. Plenty of pictures, and probably some videos, will be taken. I promise to share some of them!

Until next time....


Oka said...

I feel for your kids. Hoping it looks better for Wednesday night here. We have a Christmas concert @7pm.

Liz Mays said...

I love holiday concerts! You can't help but feel warmed in the heart. I hope Mother Nature doesn't hassle you too much today!

BNM said...

awww they will do great :) sorry about the crappy weather!!

Amy said...

It is wild to shovel.. Sorry you got all cold.. I can't wait to see my little ones first show also. Have a great day..

Kmama said...

It's so cold here. 9 degrees with "real feel" of 0 degrees. Brr.

I hope the concert goes well!!