Ghosts and Oreos

I don't know how people do it!

I suppose the answer to that statement is you just do what you need to do.

The husband went out of town this past weekend. He usually does this once a year to go and see a Bears' game with a buddy. This time it was for business. The Bears' trip is coming up, which means I'll have to go through this all over again.

I absolutely hate when he's not home. I try to keep myself busy during the day to avoid dwelling on his absence. It's all good. That is until I go to bed. Sometimes the husband watches tv in the living room when I decide to go to bed. It's comforting seeing the light reflecting from downstairs and hearing bits and pieces of his shows, usually Family Guy.

This weekend there was none of that. It was dark and the only sound I heard was the tv in the bedroom. And Little Dude snoring - he's loud!!! And to make matters worse, I did one of the stupidest things Friday night.

I am addicted to watching Ghost Adventures. Not only do I like all that paranormal stuff, but that particular show offers some pretty good eye candy!

Ghost Adventures

As I'm laying in bed, with all the lights out, every single shadow made me jump. I don't necessarily believe in everything on those shows, but being alone in the dark can make you a believer!

So long story short(er), we picked the husband up Sunday night. We were so happy to have him home. The kids even made him a bunch of "Welcome home" cards. They are so sweet sometimes!

As happy as I am to have the husband back home where he belongs, he made me one grumpy mama by stealing my stuff.

Monday morning I go into the kitchen to see a cup. A cup with remnants of milk and cookie crumbs. The jerk ate my Oreos!!!


Not cool, man. Not cool at all!!!

Until next time....


Unknown said...

My youngest son LOVES those shows he will literally watch them from daylight to dark and never bat an eye. I on the other hand am sitting here yelling at the people "the spirit said get out I don't have to be told twice"

Kmama said...

I can't watch scary or spooky shows. Forget it if I'm home alone.

Anonymous said...

so I guess its a choice between oreos and ghosts? lol...I might pic the oreos.

Oka said...

If my man ate my Oreo, I couldn't wait till he was gone again, LOL (jk)

Losing Brownies said...

Gadget Guy is going out of town in a few weeks and I'm so nervous. It will be the first time I will be left completly alone with the Boy.

Shell said...

No way could I watch any of that if my husband wasn't home!