Apparently he was hungry!

My afternoon routine consists of getting the kids from school, loading them in the car, shoving snacks in their faces, and driving to pick the husband up from work.

It's a long drive and rarely a fun drive. The snacks keeps them from yelling at each other keep me sane make them happy, and sometimes 1, maybe even both kids, will sleep for a bit. Yesterday, however, was an exception. I don't think I have laughed so hard ever!

Or at least not for a long time.

Little Dude was tired. This does not surprise me. I see the work he brings home daily. I swear his classroom kills a tree! Rain forests, I apologize!

We get to the husband's work. We're waiting in the car because it's raining, just like it has been all week. Sigh...

GG starts asking Little Dude what he's doing. She likes to strike up conversations when he just wakes up. It's never pretty. My boy is like his momma - don't speak to him for at least a half hour after waking. Time of day is irrelevant!

I turn around to hush her because the last thing I need is them fighting. When I look at my Little Dude, he's chewing something. I ask him to open his mouth. His tongue is covered with little specks of blue.

The little monster ate a flippin crayon! He's 5! What 5 year old does this?!?

Maybe he was dreaming about food? I'm not sure, but he doesn't remember a bit of it. In fact, he adamantly denies the whole incident! I, for one, will remember that for a long time!

Until next time....


Kmama said...

Haha. I guess he was hungry! Maybe he was dreaming of french fries. LOL

Amy said...

really a crayon.. Too funny.. Have a great day and weekend..

Lisa said...

I don't know what i expected but a crayon was not it! LOL... maybe it tasted good...or he thought it was a hotdog...adorable! I love memories like this.

Claudya Martinez said...

That's pretty funny.

Thank you so much for your kind support during what has been a difficult time for me.

Unknown said...

At least crayons are non-toxic! LOL!!!