Dance your cares away; Worries for another day

Monday morningAs if Mondays aren't bad enough, let's just add to it, shall we?

I don't always get to sleep as late as I would like on the weekends, but it's still later that I sleep compared to the week. Mondays are always rough. No one wants to get up. Especially those non-morning people, like me and Little Dude!

This morning I was greeted by a tallish shadow figure with blond hair. Apparently she had been throwing up during the night. Put that with the fact that's she's been complaining off and on over a sore stomach since Friday night, I figured I let GG stay home from school.

We still had to get the husband to work and the boy to school, but she could stay in her PJs. I did have plans to do some stuff outside of the house today, but dragging her around is probably not the best decision. I guess I have to switch my plans around and work on things inside the house today.

But there are perks to having a sick child.

Fraggle Rock

A few weeks ago our cable provider added a new channel. One for kids and their families. I am in love with this channel for the old school factor! Yes, I just watched Fraggle Rock with GG. I plan on watching another episode with her later in the day.

I may even try to sneak in an episode of The Wonder Years or Doogie Howser later.

Monday may turn out to be a good day after all!

Please don't think I am making light of my child being sick. She is doing better as the morning goes on. Thank goodness because me and throwing up do NOT go together at all!

Until next time....


Oka said...

Would of never thought you were making light of her being sick. There are times they are just sick enough to stay at home, but not on death's bed. It should be enjoyed to make the healing quicker :D

Anonymous said...

I dont do well with throw up either, mine or anyone elses;)

Hope she is better, and enjoy doogie houser(loved that show)

Kmama said...

Poor GG! I would be loving Fraggle Rock and Doogie Howser MD and The Wonder Years. Just what is this channel called??

Liz Mays said...

Poor little thing! I understand that it's just a chance for the two of you to take it easy together and watch some classics while she rests!