My little Picasso

Little Dude is quite the budding artist.

Last week I cleaned out an rearranged our dining room. It took me a few days to get the room how I wanted it. During the process, I had stuff piled up around the art drawers. That was the last section of the room I had to go through and it would take the most work. I tend to do the easy stuff first!

Little Dude was not a happy camper. I think he made more of a mess trying to get to his beloved art supplies! Lovely - more work for moi!

Anypicasso, the Dude loves him some art! He bought, with his own money from raking Grandma and Pap's leaves, a new Curious George coloring book. He sat in his bed for 45 minutes last night coloring picture after picture. And instead of sleeping in the car whole we took the husband to work this morning, he colored. I'm sure he will be in a lovely mood after school today!

He gets so into his work. He is oblivious to the world around him when he is creating.

Sometimes I worry that he'll bite his tongue off.
That's how hard he concentrates!

Thankfully the paint he used in the pic above washed right off. Paint is in fact, washable! Crayola markers? Not so much!


Washable markers
I did manage to get most of the black and green off his hands, face, and legs. But he did go to school the next morning with a black ring around his wrist. Apparently someone, ahem the husband, left their Sharpies out!

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Until next time....


Oka said...

You got to buy the washable Crayola Markers, we love them :D

Out of my 4, I only have one who is the least bit interested in art and she didn't get it from me. Art always frustrated me to no end.

Kmama said...

That is awesome that he loves art. I always liked it, but I wasn't any good. Buddy could care less. Buster is more interested.

Unknown said...

My little Sarah, who is 5, is constantly getting pens, markers, sharpies and pencils and coloring and drawing on any piece of paper she can find. I have to try to kepp paper around because she will write on stuff she shouldn't write on and it drives me crazy, but I have to appreciate her love of art!

Liz Mays said...

I think it's cute how kids make faces like that when concentrating! What a mess!

Anonymous said...

A future American Artist :)

Shell said...

Oh, sharpies! Dangerous things!

Dee said...

They sure know how to make a mess! Art projects are fun though!