I have a confession to make...

I share clothes with my 10 year old daughter. Not a lot. Mostly shirts.

GG seems to know what she's doing when it comes to clothes. She loves colors and it apparently doesn't matte if things don't match. That seems to be the 'in" thing. I guess, by default, that kind of makes me cool, too. It's about damn time!

However, I must draw the line somewhere. I am doing my best to improve my wardrobe to avoid being the typical sweat and tee kind of mom, but I refuse to wear clothes from my childhood. In regards to an outfit GG put together over the weekend, the husband said she looked like she could be on a popular 80's tv show.

What do you think?

First off, can we classify those skinny jeans as acid wash?

Second, her bracelets...

Technically, those are Silly Bandz,
but aren't those the updated version
of jelly bracelets?

And this one?

A slap bracelet.
Do you know how many of those things
I had at her age?!

Just because I want to look and act young does NOT mean I want to relive my youth. Especially the clothes! I'll leave that to my daughter. As long as she doesn't give herself bangs and tease them to high heaven, I think we're safe. That trend better not come back. Ever!!

Until next time...


Unknown said...

She is adorable.. yeah my sister works at Cracker Barrel and was talking about getting the slap watches and bracelets in. I did a double take. As long as massive amounts of stripes and plaids don't make their way back I am good.

Oka said...

I would love for the trend with the baggy/droopy pants to leave this universe forever. It's been around way too long. I have threatened my boys about even considering it. I have also made it clear any of their friends would be handed a belt and expected to use it before they walk in my house like that.

Many mothers could only dream of being able to share clothes with their young daughter.

Kmama said...

Ha! Oh my gosh! Slap bracelets! I loved those things. I remember when they were "banned" from school!