Rhyme Time

I am so incredibly proud of my kids. They brought home their report cards last week. All A's and B's!! I am especially proud of Little Dude because honestly, I was a little worried.

Every day I ask what they did in school. GG will give me examples of math problems or a science project. Little Dude will tell me what he ate for lunch or what he played at recess. However, when we least expect it, or at night when he's supposed to be in bed trying to sleep, he will tell us all about a lesson from the day.

Over the past few days, Little Dude has been learning that you can change the beginning or end sound of a word to create another word. Sometimes the words rhyme while other times they make a whole new word. For example, "man" can be changed into "map". At the end of last week, he was learning what can happen when the end sound of a word is changed. This week they are working on changing the beginning sound. How do I know this? Well, let me explain...

The other night I took the kids with me to Target, which could be an entire post in itself as I left with much more than I originally planned for. As usual! During the short car ride home, GG was talking about her upcoming birthday. Little Dude began to ramble on about words that can be changed. I was nodding and "uh-huh"-ing so he knew I was paying attention, even though I was more worried about driving down a dark, twisty hill in the rain. And then I heard it.... Duck. Oh, this can't end well.





And finally he came to the mother of all curse words.

Thank goodness we were in the car away from the general public and thankfully he had no idea what he had just said.

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Oka said...

Great report cards.

Did you add Suck? LOL

Unknown said...

OH ouch.. umm yeah then we are left with an explanation of good words and bad words and why that is a bad word.. oooh.. but funny none the less. You know it's coming but you can't do anything till it actually happens.. gotta love those parenting moments.

Kmama said...

Ha! Buster is really into rhyming as well, and we occasionally get those lovely swear words in there. ;-)

Congrats on the good report cards. Does Little Dude actually get letters on his report card? We're still at numbers until 3rd grade (I think).

Thanks for playing along!

Emmy said...

Lol! Opps! Yea rhyming can be dangerous. Congrats on great report cards. Perfect PMM- thanks for linking up

Anonymous said...

Heehee I remember my sister doing the same thing when we were young in my aunts bedroom

Great report cards!

Shell said...

Ha! At least you were out of the store by then.