Whose children are these?

I am happy to say that I love clothes. This was not something I could always say.

Through elementary school, I wore sweat pants. Jeans were my enemy. In sixth grade, I became a little more daring. Neon socks, layered and slouched. Jelly bracelets, stretching from my wrist to my elbow. Hyper-color shirts, mood rings, and good grief, I even got my ears pierced!

I entered junior high, wearing any color sweat pants that I happened to grab that morning. That trend didn't last long, thanks to those mean boys. I finally forced myself to get used to the feeling of denim against my scrawny legs. The shirts I wore were any color related to black.

It took me well into my late 20s to experiment with colors such as pinks and purples. I discovered that there are shoes out there, plenty of them in fact, that are even more awesome than the boots I used to wear from the boy's department.

I didn't realize when GG came along that I was in for a shock. It seems she was born with something that took me years to figure out - a sense of fashion. She loves boots that are meant for girls. She loves experimenting with color and jewelry. She got her ears pierced much younger than I. She already wants them done again.

As her mother, it is my job to guide her and give her advice. When it comes to clothing, I am turning to her, my 9 year old. According to my girl, I look good in purple. After shopping with her last week, I think she might be on to something.

Being somewhat of a tomboy as a child, it can be tricky having the complete opposite for my child. And if that isn't bad enough, I am slowly realizing that I actually have 2 children who care what they look like more than I ever did.

Little Dude can only wear certain jeans with certain shirts. He loves to fix his hair. He either spikes it up or brushes it flat. He can usually pull ff either look, but he is in dire need of a haircut. Right now, it's either the shaggy dog look or the bed head look. But the point being, he cares.

I've also noticed that he loves to cuff his jeans. Every. Single. Morning.

Can someone direct me to the Chicken Soup for the Soul- Parenting trendy kids book? I think I need it because I have no idea whose children those kids are!

Until next time...


Oka said...

My boys could really care less.

Often, my daughter is in full tomboy mode, just like her mother. Okay, maybe not just like me. I know it's just wrong to wear a UM shirt and MSU shorts. On occasion she wants to be a little more trendy and will pick out something one of her grandmas got her. She looks darling in those clothes, but I have no clue on to help her with hair and accessories.

Unknown said...

Yeah you and I are kindred souls. I was never much on fashion and clothes and makeup. My 2 oldest boys are fanatics about what they wear, their hair yadda yadda.

Kmama said...

Ha! Buddy really cares about his looks too. He's adamant that we keep his hair longer, and while I can pretty much pick out anything on any day of the week for him to wear, he picks out what we buy from the stores. He's like his dad.

Anonymous said...


They are helping you find your fashionista - can you send them over to me, maybe they could guide me?

Unknown said...

Oh this is too funny! I love it. My 2 year old is absolutely fanatical about clothing. She's 2 and a half! My 5 year old son, however, has zero interest. When I bought him new shoes, he asked me why.


A Mother's Thoughts said...

That is too cute. Children are way different then our generation. Thay are very concerned about how they look. It's cute that you can all help each other out though.


Emmy said...

I am right there with you. Sometimes my children just baffle me as they just seem so different than me-especially me as a child

Mom of 12 said...

I have that problem with at least one of my kids. She is definitely a trendsetter, something that I never hope to be.

Donna C. said...

This was a great post! I've always been a tomboy too. My mom would dress me up in those dresses like laura engels with the buttons from neck to the bottom. I would sneak and put jeans on underneath and when she wasn't looking I'd unbutton the skirt and tie it around my waist and be hanging from a tree. I can still hear her screaming my name....

My oldest son is very.... well, he has his own style and only wears certain things. He likes those club shirts that are like polyester hawaiian type shirts only with cool pictures. He's worn those since he was about 4 and now he's 17. My younger son is a whole 'nother story. He will wear the same clothes for a week if I didn't make him change and take a bath!

Me, I'm very stylish.... I'm currently wearing my spiderman bedroom slippers that I got from the kids section at walmart LOL

Unknown said...

Hour kids are so funny! Some fo us miss that fashion gene in our DNA make up! I wasn't much on trying to be a fashion plate when I was growing up and currently after having kept so much weight on after I had my first I'm constantly running around in sweats. My 3 year old is an "Emperor's New Clothes" kind of kid. Totally cracks me up how he'll go to use the bathroom fully clothed and come out NAKED as a jay bird and be oh so happy to stay that way til bed time. Wonder if this means my kiddo is gonna be a professional male stripper when he gets older?