They will remember

If nothing else, I've learned that kids have a knack for remembering things. But only the things they deem important.

I have been known to have a momentary loss of judgement. This usually happens while I am driving and both of the kids are in the back of the car. We are usually on our way home from somewhere, thus we are all tired and cranky.

In a moment of desperation, I start spewing out threats. I threaten to take toys, bump up bedtimes, force them to sit on their hands, and the ever so famous

"Don't make me pull this car over!!"

One of those threats usually works. But only for a few minutes. This is where the bribes come into play. Ice cream with sprinkles. Milkshakes. One of my beloved chocolate chip cookies.

Instant silence. I can continue the drive home in peace.

But somehow, every time, without fail, those bribes are forgotten about. Until 2.3 minutes before bedtime. I have decided the kids are conspiring against me to gain a few extra minutes before being sent to their beds for the night. Damn them! I promised, which means I have to deliver.

Another important piece of information that is rarely forgotten? Pay day. Especially with Little Dude. He knows which weeks pay day falls in. For days before the money actually enters the bank, the husband and I (usually me) are barraged with please for this toy or that.

"Mom, come see this commercial for the new Hot Wheel track! Can we go out on pay day and buy it?"

"Look! New pillow pets! Can we have one? Pleasepleaseplease?!"

How do I make this madness stop?

Better yet, how can I make sure my son remembers how to spell "could" and "there" on his spelling test instead of how some new truck he has to have works?

Until next time...


Unknown said...

OH I now that all too well. I also know if you don't nip the payday thing in the bud now it will carry on LONG after it should. With one who has a 19 yr old who still thinks because it is payday he should get what he wants umm yeah

Oka said...

I say, use spelling in your favor. Explain to him he has to get an 85%, 95% (whatever you expect) on so many spelling test if he wants a certain toy(you set dollar amount).

Kmama said...

It's funny that kids can remember what you bribe them with, but they have all kinds of amnesia when it comes to what you threaten them with.

A Mother's Thoughts said...

Don't you love how they think that we are a free flowing bank account!! lol My daughter has alot of the same non-quaalities. She is six in grade one, and I feel like the flatform of her life is built on threats. BUT as soon as the disipline is over or they have achieved making us crazy again, the cycle continues!! Horible!