Ice water and battle wounds

I can safely say that the kids are back in school and I am recovered from our 4-day weekend, save my sunburn. Our weekend started off pretty rough. Friday was rainy and chilly. That meant I was stuck in the house with two whiny kids. If that was a preview of summer vacation, I wanted nothing to do with it!

Luckily the weekend took a turn for the better. The sun was shining bright and the air was hot. After Friday, I took every opportunity to ship those kids of mine outside. Being a boy, Little Dude spent most of that outside time in the dirt. No matter how many times I tried to wipe him off, the dirt kept coming back!

dirty feet

Our water bill probably will probably be just as ugly!

GG took the more girly approach and chalked up any piece of cement she could find.

pretty painted toes

I think I like the girly feet better!

I think she opted for chalk over her usual kicking the soccer ball because goal practice is now banned. Yes, I want them to practice and love the sport, but I don't appreciate the huge crack that is now in my deck box!

Sunday was yet another day for my to ship those buggers outside. At someone else's house! I loaded the kids up to head to a picnic at a friend's house. Her children are friends of mine, and there were other little people who came and went throughout the afternoon.

All afternoon, the kids ran circles around the house. Literally! After a few hours, the adults became concerned. The temperature was teetering around 90 and all of their little faces were the shade of Elmo. A hospital trip was not on anyone's agenda, so we needed to cool those kids down and quick.

My friend, the party hostess, noticed that one of the plastic barrels holding some of the drinks was now more full of water than cans and bottles. Why not give it to the kids, right? Except it wasn't for them to drink.

Ice water battle

And we may or may not have failed to tell the kids exactly where the water came from. Let's just say Little Dude was quite shocked when he dumped a full cup over his head. I hear ice water is a little chilly!

Ice water battle

Now that our weekend is over, I think we can all look back and agree that it was a good one. The proof is on the kids, whose legs are covered with bruises, scrapes, and mosquito bites.

How was your holiday weekend?

Until next time...


Oka said...

The start of the weekend sucked weather wise...we even found ourselves held up in a basement for sometime Sunday evening.

I'm glad I wasn't part of the ice cold water play.

Kmama said...

Sounds like fun!

My kids feet looked like that multiple times while we were camping. I couldn't keep anything clean.

Unknown said...

Hot and muggy here and suddenly we find ourselves wishing we had kept the pool here. Only a metal frame is the one we will go for next time..

Losing Brownies said...

Glad you had a great weekend and that the weather improved!

Shell said...

Cracking up that it was ice water used!