Even Superman wasn't perfect

With the exception of the first 4 years of GG's life, I feel blessed to have 2 relatively healthy children. GG had asthma that began when she was 18 months old. It took many trips to the pediatrician and the hospital, but we finally got it under control. Each year thus far has been better and better in regards to her asthma.

With Little Dude, I can count on one hand the number of times he has been sick over the past 5 years. Runny noses don't count because when you're in day care, it's almost a requirement to have snot pouring out of your nose. Although he was no where near as bad as the other kids!

Little Dude was in day care until he was 3. The next two years he was at home with me. Sure, we went to the library and the park, but he wasn't exposed to other kids as he was in day care. I expected him to enter Kindergarten and start bringing home every disease under the sun. Surely his immune system suffered in those 2 years home with me.

I was wrong.

Every week was a different story with his classmates. One week they were all throwing up. The next they all had strep throat. Through it all, Little Dude avoided everything. He had Superman immunity!

I sympathized with friends who had 3 kids that would pass germs back and forth for weeks at a time. I would also make sure to tell them that my kids didn't do that. They had Superman immunity. Yes, even GG developed this special immunity.

I felt so special. My kids weren't missing school. My kids weren't up all night sick as a dog. My kids were able to eat and keep their food in their stomachs where it belonged. My kids were Superman awesome!

But do you know what happens when you brag about this anyone and everyone? It comes back to bite you in the ass. Hard!

Last month, Little Dude had an ear infection of epic proportions. I've never seen a kid so miserable from an achy ear. And GG had a lot of ear infections! The past 2 weeks, Little Dude's nose is just disgusting. I had no idea a child's nose could produce so much junk! I've worked in day care and I've seen some nasty stuff. Then he picks it, it bleeds, and it's just nasty. Now he has a cough, which I am starting to wonder if it needs looked at. Or listened to. But by a professional because I am no where near one.

I am not a professional because I am the mom who swore up and down that her daughter had strep throat. At the pediatrician's office yesterday, I made sure they did a strep test because that is what she had. To make a long painful morning story short, we walked out of the office with 3 prescriptions. Two are breathing medications and one is a steroid. These won't help with strep throat, but they will help a child who has pneumonia and asthma.

Even Superman isn't perfect.

ps. the side effects of the albuterol and the steroids make GG a total pain in the ass. And mean. Please send reinforcements. I accept rum and/or chocolate. Hell, at this point I would even take beer or wine, which I don't usually drink. And it's only day 1 of the meds. Help! Please!

Proud Mommy MomentBragging about your kids not getting sick and then trying to diagnose them when they are, resulting in sending the pediatrician into panic mode leads to a not so Proud Mommy Moment.

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Oka said...

I don't think I have as Superman like children as yours, but mine seem to miss most of the crud that go through the school.

I actually attribute some of it to the fact that I am not the disinfectant queen that many of the sahms are around here. Yes, I do believe there is such a thing as too much disinfecting. Our bodies are meant to met certain germs and build up an immunity to them. We are also making those germs resistant and stronger much faster by over disinfecting.

Kristin said...

That seriously sucks that they have both been so sick. Hope they are better soon.

Heidi ★ said...

If a child sneezes in a room down the hall, chances are my daughter will get sick lol.

Sorry your kids are having it rough lately, but I really do think nobody has been immune to the crap going around this year!

VandyJ said...

Turbo was home with us until he was four--then we sent him to preschool. He brought home everything that was going around. I was glad--get it now, don't miss school when he's older, right? Yeah not so much. In kindergarten the kid misses lots of school and in first grade the kid missed plenty. Now he's seems to have gotten over the worst of the colds and such.
Hope you kids return to the superman side of things soon.

Kmama said...

Even us supermom's don't get it right all the time. I hope she feels better soon.

Thanks for linking up! This was perfect!

Jackie said...

Yikes! I hope she gets better soon. I self diagnose too... as a matter of fact I did it this week. I swear my son (15m) is allergic to the world and when he eats certain things he gets a rash and/or his face turns red.
I'm waiting till Monday to see if it gets better before making another trip to the doctor.

Anonymous said...

I have asthma, so I know what those drugs do to me. Kids get sick, sooner or later. Hope your kids feel better soon!

Liz said...

Ooooh, you were seriously tempting fate with the bragging! Ha!

I hope the kids are better soon and not sick again for a very long time!

Shell said...

It never fails that kids get sick after a comment like that! Hope they are feeling better by now!