Would you care to sign?

We're just a little over a month into Winter and I am sick of it. Thank goodness we haven't had "the big one" like we did last year and I'm sorry for those of you who have had such a travesty. But I think the weather that we are dealing with is just as bad.

We may not have to shovel feet of snow and then be forced to watch it turn into nasty black hills of ice and snow that stick around for months on end, but we have been getting enough to have to do something. The husband and I are tired of cleaning the car. We are tired of clearing the walkways. And I am sick and tired of breaking the damn ice off of our front porch. That's my job because I am the only one home at the warmest part of the day. Those days are still cold as anything, but the sun likes to warm stuff up just enough to cause me grief!

I know there are many of you out there who are dealing with equally crappy weather. Whether it's feet of snow, ice, or just bitter cold, we're all getting tired of it. Right? So I have decided to draw up a petition. If you are ready for Summer, please feel free to sign my petition by way of leaving a comment.

And if Summer gets unbearably hot where you are, I'm sure we could work out a deal to bring on Spring! And if you live where you don't have to deal with this crappy weather, please leave your address in my comments. I will be moving in shortly!


I, the undersigned, do hereby state that I am sick and tired of the Winter weather. I do hereby petition that the following actions be placed into effect immediately.

The snow and ice must hereby cease and desist.
The bitter cold must be replaced by the warmth of the sun.
The snow and ice shall melt making it possible for us to take our children out of the house
Without having to bundle them in 15 layers of clothing
Only to have them turn around and say they have to pee.

Sidewalks shall be clear so walks can be had.
Parks shall be open so excess energy can be expelled.
The sun shall grace us with it's presence til bedtime
So we can keep previously mentioned energetic kids out of the house

Please sign my petition and feel free to leave any other grievances you may have in regards to the Winter weather. Once I figure out who to mail this to, I can hopefully bring on the Summer.

ps. that stupid groundhog better stop by and read this, too, or else him and I are gonna have some issues!

Until next time....


Oka said...

I keep reminding myself the colder it stays for as long as it can, the more bugs it is killing off. I hate BUGS

Kmama said...

I'm signing!

We are expecting 8 to 12 inches (I've heard as high as 15) tomorrow and Wednesday. We don't need this!

Kristin said...

My kids might disown me if I sign this. They want more snow.

Amy said...

I feel the same way.. A huge storm is on it's way and I not really ready for it.. OH well. I hope it all goes well and everyone stays safe.. Thanks for checking in on me. If the weather is not too cold we will be out sledding for sure..

Liz Mays said...

I moved to the South and I miss your wintry weather!

Rachel said...

We are expecting another foot or so of snow tomorrow and Wednesday so I am signing in Big Bold Letters :)

PythonKatie said...

I live in Arkansas. It's not too bad here usually...but we've had our fair share this year.

I am ready for Spring...lots and lots of highs in the 70's and low's in the 50's. I'm ready for green leaves and grass (even if I have to mow it) and tons of flowers to make everything look fresh and pretty - and to make it smell nice.