Push or pee

Dear Sears,

I admit, I am not one of your biggest fans. I don't really have a valid explanation. You're just not on top of my list of places to shop. In my opinion, your only redeeming quality is that you carry products from Lands End. Lands End shoes are awesome! Just sayin'

Wednesday you made me reconsider using you to fulfill my love of shoes.

Please inform your employees that when I am frantically running through your store, 5 year old in tow, searching for the bathroom, it is not wise to stop me. That is not the moment to try and give me a free sample. When I reply to your pitch with "No, thank you. I just need to get my son to the bathroom!" you need to quit talking. You do not need to follow me down the hallway, continuing with your pitch.

I am not interested in a discount of whatever you are pushing. I do not need a coupon. I do not need a pamphlet with information. If you continue to pitch to me, you will be peed on by a child!

In conclusion, my apologies, Sears, for being rude, but your employee would not stop pushing. I felt I was within my rights to push back. Only my push might have been a little more literal.


I clean up enough after 2 kids on my own turf. I really don't want to mop pee off of your floor!

*disclaimer- no one was actual peed on during the making of this post*

Until next time....


Oka said...

I can't imagine... I think I would of made her cry.

Unknown said...

OH.MY.Word!Seriously?? Please tell me she was new and very poorly trained. Cause I would have LOST it on her seriously..

Kmama said...

I would have been livid. I probably would have screamed at the person, and like Oka, made them cry!

Shell said...

How annoying!

Rachel said...

I hate pushy sales people if I wanted it in the first place I would have looked for it.

North of 25A said...

Funny! Visiting from SITS. And I feel the same way about Sears...Nice to "meet" you.

Liz Mays said...

You are right! They need to let you go and clear the pathway!