Roses are red

I really don't have much to complain about this Mother's Day, except that I was incredibly tired.  Three busy nights in a row with not much sleep will do that, but what I was greeted with upon waking Sunday morning made me forget all about that.

GG made me breakfast in bed - a bog bowl of Special K Red Berry (my favorite) with blueberries and a sliced banana added.  She also made me a poem book.  I'm pretty sure this is my favorite poem from her book...

Roses are red
And so is your head
Violets are blue
And so is my shoe
I love you

Once I made my way downstairs and grabbed a cup of much needed coffee, Little Dude presented me with his present.  This present came with much drama Saturday night.  My boy had seen this gift at Radio Shack and had been bugging the husband all week to get it and make it for me.  I went to a friend's house Saturday night and that is when my boys began building my present.  

At some point during the evening I received a text from the husband saying my gift "mostly worked :( ".  I came home and went to bed around midnight and the husband was still trying to get it to work!

I was informed Sunday morning that not all of the lights worked on my gift and they hoped I wouldn't be upset.  Knowing how much work the boys put in and how late my husband stayed up to try and fix it, I wasn't upset at all.  In fact, all of their hard work made it that much more special.

And it's a heart.
You can never go wrong with a heart!

Poems, cards, a blinking heart, and a day spent with family... I'd say it was a perfect Mother's Day.

How was yours?

Until next time...


Kmama said...

How sweet! That poem is too funny!

My Mother's Day was okay...I think I have too high of expectations though.

Oka said...

what a sweet Mother's Day

my Mother's Day was basically any other day...really

Amy said...

looks like you had a great Mother's day.. I am back to blogging..

The Mommysaurus said...

Very sweet. Mine, being so young, aren't aware yet of the holiday and with daddy deployed he wasn't around to help them arrange anything. I treated myself and the kids to breakfast.