Open the Door

Those fleeting moments when I have nothing to do but think, I envision my perfect house.  This house has more than enough room for us 4 and all of our stuff.  This house also has a large, flat backyard where my kids can run and play ball.

Those fleeting moments are often interrupted by a quick glance out our back window.  We have a porch and we have a deck.  Both, when toys are not scattered about, have enough room for the kids to run.  Our actual yard makes me want to return to my dreams.  Our yard is a hill.  Not ideal for running and playing ball.  Our backyard has weeds and sticks that fell from the trees.  Not ideal to run through without any shoes.

But sometimes I catch moments of my kids playing in our yard.  Those moments are when I wouldn't trade our yard for the world.

Those sticks that fall can be used as walls for a club house.

Leaves are gathered to be used as camoflage

Trees can be climbed

Doorways to another world can be made

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Kmama said...

It's hard when you have constraints like that, but it looks like your kids are making the best of the situation. Sometimes, what seems fun to us isn't as fun or exciting to kids, and vice versa.

Oka said...

The grass is always greener...
it's all about making lemonade with the lemons.

Emmy said...

Love it! And yes, if you had your flat backyard you would probably miss the trees :)

Unknown said...

Thank God for kids with great imagination! Funny I was watching Prince Caspian and thinking about Eric who is only 4 running around weilding a sword and fighting 'bad guys' with his bow and arrow and his sling shot! My yard also leaves a lot to be desired but when kids have such fantastic imagination they could be playing in a room with nothing at all and still have a blast.