There's Always a Price to Pay

Over the weekend, Little Dude and the husband went away to Boy Scout Camp.  After watching him pack before they left, I think the husband was more excited than the boy!

I always worry when they're gone.  It's what I do best.  And some of the texts from the husband certainly didn't help.  For example, the one complaining no one else there would know how to survive in the wilderness or no one knew how to build a fire.  And those were from their first night there!  Ya, comforting.

After that first night, I assume all had a good time.  One of the activities my boys were really looking forward to was fishing.  The husband was so excited to go out last week and buy his boy his very first fishing rod.  I was worried when Little Dude was waving his rod around  like a sword, but considering he caught not one, but THREE fish, I think it's safe to say he learned the proper way to handle a fishing rod!

Once the boys were home, Little Dude told me all about fishing, running around with his friends, and how to make S'mores.  What he failed to mention to me were his battle wounds.

He fell into a wall!

I think it's about time I really started pressing the husband to let me buy this boy a helmet!

Until next time...


Oka said...

not very masculine to wear a helmet...just sayin

boys aren't boys if they don't a cut, scrape, or bruise, are they?

Kmama said...

Ouch! That looks like it hurt...but apparently not enough to tell you about it. All the fun probably made the pain go away.

Shell said...

OH, his poor head!

Emmy said...

Don't you love when husbands leave out part of the story like that