No Flowers for Me

At the back of our deck, we have 2 flower beds built into the wall that holds up the hillside. For years I have planted flowers in those planters.  Impatients, to be exact.  Why impatients?  Not only do they thrive in the shade, which we have plenty of in the back yard, but because I have a habit of killing most other plants.

Every year the kids and I would go out to some flower store or another to chose our impatients.  The kids loved to come with me so they could pick out which colors we were going with that particular year.  Sadly, this year, I do not see such a trip in our future.  Why?  Because I have a son.  To be more exact, I have a son who loves to dig.

Last year we dedicated a spot on the side of the yard where he could dig to his heart's content.  I think he outgrew that spot.  Last fall I purchased a sandbox thinking he could dig and get dirty in there.  He still does, but it's not enough to feed his digging addiction.  I finally caved and let him have the smaller of the two flower beds.  Those three spots would definitely give him enough room to dig, right?


Little Dude has moved on to digging not only in both flower beds, but up into the hillside as well.

This Spring I have decided to let him dig in all of those spots.  Partly because I am tired of arguing with him over where to dig, but I've learned his digging also benefits me.

By digging up the flower beds, it saves me the trouble of planting flowers.  Yes flowers are pretty and I would love to have a pretty yard, but it's one less thing to add to my to-do list.  By letting him dig on the hillside I've learned that the weeds no longer grow where him and GG play.  This means less weed whacking for the husband and I to do.

From the time Little Dude wakes up in the morning until the sun begins to set, he is outside.  He is being creative when playing outside, he is learning cause and effect when he builds and digs, he is soaking up some sun and fresh air, and most important, he is not vegging out in front of the tv or a video game all day.  So even though I won't be able to plant flowers in our back yard for quite some time, I am very happy that Little Dude spends his time outside.

However, there is a downfall to all of his digging.  Our water bill is starting to sky rocket due to all the hand washing and bathing of one little boy.

Until next time...


Oka said...

not sure about for you (maybe you have a hint you can share) seems know matter how hard you try to clean off that dirt (off the kid) they never seem perfectly clean....stained like.

I am personally on my 4th digger. It didn't even skip my girl.. In fact my daughter and a girl I babysit love to dig for worms.

Unknown said...

As a mom of 3 boys I totally understand the digging gene. I think the youngest was the least into it. Thankfully we had a garden and plenty of weeds and nearly 4 acres for them to dig on and leave my flowers alone.

Kmama said...

Wow! He does love to dig, huh? Neither of my boys seem to have the need or want to dig too much. There are times when Buster will come home with black fingernails because he was digging up worms at daycare, but he's kind of outgrown least for now.