Red Ribbon

This week at the kids' school, along with many others I think, they are participating in Red Ribbon week. The point of Red Ribbon week is to teach kids about saying no to drugs. In our school, the kids wear something different each day.

Forgive me as I seemed to have thrown the actual paper from the school away. I don't remember what each day symbolizes.

Monday - Black and white day. Students are encouraged to wear these colors. Possibly because it's a black and white decision to either do drugs or don't and we strongly encourage you to say no.

Tuesday - Wear your favorite boots so together we can stomp out drugs.

Wednesday - Hat day. I don't know why, but the kids were happy to wear hats, which are usually a no-no. There were some funky hats!

Thursday - Wear your team colors. As a team we can stand up against drugs. Boy am I glad I bought those school shirts a few weeks ago

Friday - Wear your Halloween costume to scare drugs away.

GG and Little Dude have been quite excited to pick out the special item before bedtime for the following day. GG was over the moon when she found out it was boot day. I will post pictures next week of her too cute boots when I do a Halloween post.

All day Tuesday Little Dude was thinking about which hat he would wear for Wednesday. Tuesday night he finally found a bright yellow Steeler hat (that's my boy!). He came downstairs to show me his find and I told him to put it in a safe place so we didn't forget it in the morning. As he carefully laid his hat by his jacket and book bag, he asked me a question.....

"Mom, what are drugs?"

Red Ribbon week fail!

I am so proud of my boy for happily participating in Red Ribbon week without knowing why. Of course this is only true if proud is the new word for disappointed.

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Unknown said...

BWhahah.. umm yeah how about we explain to them what they are standing up against. Really?? Usually they have police and other personnel there that can better explain it to them..

Oka said...

Our elementary pushes more about bullying now a days. All grades spend quite a bit of time on the subject.

It isn't until 4th grade that they start pushing the fight against drugs. In 5th grade, they have one day a week that our D.A.R.E. officer comes to school and works on the program with this (it cancels out a science class each week).

Before the end of the year they have to write a paper as well as do many other project learn about the effects of drugs and alcohol. My eldest left 5th grade understanding quite a bit.

We have dress up weeks/days like you mentioned, but they are normally fund raisers for all different causes. The kids can come dressed according to what is outlined, but they must pay a quarter. All the money goes to the cause being raised for.

Kmama said...

Oh my goodness!! That is pretty funny. Do they do the DARE program at your school? I remember starting that in like second or third grade, so it would make sense that the younger kids wouldn't know what drugs are.

Thanks for linking up!

Cheryl said...

Giggle. We just had that week too. Fortunately, no questions!!

Emmy said...

Lol! Doh! Too funny. Well at least he likes to go with the crowd...or is thT a bad thing? ;). Great PMM. And yep, it is red ribbon week here too

Kate F. (@katefineske) said...

We had almost the SAME days for our kids at school this week in "celebration" of red ribbon week. :) Except today was "opposite day"... What is opposite day??? That one was a bit of a challenge for us...

A Mother's Thoughts said...

That is kinda funny! It is a wonderful thing as a mother to know that he doesn't know what drugs are......Yay, for participation!!


Mary said...

We had Red Ribbon Week at both of my schools this week: 1 school really got into it, the other...not so much!

Elizabeth said...

LOL, too funny!