Paint and Blow

This past weekend Little Dude has his first big Boy Scout event. I said from the beginning that I wanted nothing to do with Boy Scouts because it seems a little more disorganized than Girl Scouts can be. But that didn't stop me from attending this event with my boy.

The big scouting event of the weekend was the Rain Gutter Regatta.

Rain Gutter Regatta
Like we tend to do with many things, we waited until the last minute to purchase the supplies. I'll spare you the hell I went through to get said supplies. But I will say that Pat Catan employees are idiots! I finally purchased the paints Wednesday evening and began painting Thursday afternoon. The plan was for my to paint the boy's boat with a base coat of brown. He would do the details. The paint I bought was definitely not easy to work with (or clean up), but by Friday evening, that part of the process was complete.

Rain Gutter Regatta Rain Gutter Regatta

Saturday morning the husband gave the boat one final sanding job before he applied the acrylic sealer to waterproof the boat. I'm not sure if the paint or the sealer caused the problem. Perhaps both. The paint looked smudged after a coat of the sealer was applied. Luckily, Little Dude wasn't upset. He said the cannons he painted on the side could still shoot. I guess that was the important part of the boat!

After lunch, the four of us headed to the library where the race would take place. Two rain gutters were set up on poles. Two boys at a time would race and it a double elimination. Each boy had to use a straw to blow air on the boat's sail to move it from one end of the gutter to the other.

Rain Gutter Regatta

Just knowing that Little Dude's boat floated made us all very proud. Watching my boy come so close to winning made us even prouder. He ended up coming in a close second. If his boat had not tipped over at the end, he would have had it.

All week, Little Dude was telling us that racing is not about winning, it's about having fun. The smile on his face, and the blue ribbon in his hand, definitely shows how much fun he had.

Rain Gutter RegattaBoys were allowed to wear Halloween costumes.
Which worked out since we have yet
to buy his actual uniform. Oops!

We now need to prepare for the Space ship race. I think we'll need some luck for that since neither the husband nor I have any experience with this race. He never did it in scouts and my brother never did either. I have a feeling a blog post or 2 may come out of this race!

Until next time...


Oka said...

We had a bad experience with Boy Scouts back when my oldest was old enough to join. We never returned. I don't think it was Boy Scouts itself (just that troop), but I never had a desire to let the other boys try their hand at it. Heck, I haven't even gotten my daughter totally involved with Girl Scouts.

The boat race sounds fun, and something tells me the spaceship race will be just as fun.

Unknown said...

My cousin has his son in Boy scouts and is the leader.. I tried to get my boys involved here locally and hated it. Too much about who had more money and could supply more to the kids and I think that is just wrong.. He is a cutie pie in fatigues..

Shell said...

He looks so proud!

A Mother's Thoughts said...

That's great, at least he had fun!