Proof that kids don't listen

Or they just choose not to hear certain things.

Yesterday morning when we returned from taking the husband to work, it was relatively sunny. I decided, since we had to leave again in an hour, that I would leave my window open in the car. There's not much I hate more than getting into an insanely hot car.

I took advantage of the quiet while the kids were occupied and read a few blogs and tweeted a bit. As I was getting ready to get dressed to go out shopping, I began to hear the rain. It never occurred to me to go out and close my window in the car. My only thought was, "I guess I can't wear flip flops."

When the kids and I were walking out the door, that is when it hit me that my window was open and now my seat was probably wet. GG, who ran ahead of me, informed me that half of my seat was wet. Lovely!

I called her back up to the door. I wasn't about to leave Little Dude by an unlocked car by himself. Oh, the possibilities! Scary!

I asked GG to go up to the bathroom and grab her towel off the back of the door. My towel was still wet from an ironing debacle and Little Dude had his giraffe towel hanging. I had no desire to sit on a giraffe head!

I waited for her on the front porch so I could hear what she was doing yet still keep an eye on Little Dude. She was taking forever! Just as I was about to ask what she was doing, she returns with an unopened roll of toilet paper. Um, what?! I repeated my directions for her to get her towel from the bathroom. After another few minutes of standing in the rain, GG returns with a handful of paper towels. Seriously?! For a third time I repeated my directions to my darling daughter. She finally returned with a towel from the bathroom.

Unfortunately it was mine and it was still damp.

By that point, I was already wet so what the hell. Might as well sit on a damp towel covering a wet car seat. If you ever have the opportunity to walk around the mall with wet pants, I suggest you pass.

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Oka said...

and I thought that was just a boy thing, LOL

Kmama said...

LOL at the toilet paper and paper towels. That cracks me up!

For what it's worth, rather than sit on a towel, which will eventually sop up the moisture, put a plastic trash bag on the seat. It works wonders.

Thanks for playing along!

Emmy said...

Lol! Yea, sometime I feel like I have to practically write everything out exactly as I mean or it won't happen; but well two of my kids can't read, so just usually out of luck.

Amy said...

Oh no what a pain.. Have a great day..

Unknown said...

Stealing this from Sister Act *STOMP STOMP STOMP* Alma check your battery!!!!! Sounds like someone needs a hearing aid check. Hang in there, my suggestion is keep extra old towels in the car for just an occasion, same with small plastic garbage bags you can leave a roll under your drivers seat!