I love him for who he is

White HouseWhile in Washington DC, we were your typical tourists visiting the popular monuments. The children were full of awe and wonderment at the sky high Washington Monument. Each of them had their own set of questions while standing below Honest Abe. At the Vietnam Wall, they were silent as it was too much for them to comprehend. I shed tears as I tried to explain the significance of such a powerful tribute.

While we all enjoyed the popular sights and sounds of the great city, we also came across a hidden treasure. GG found a shirt along a sidewalk full of vendors. Upon further inspection of each and every booth, there was very little for Little Dude to purchase. When trying to make our way back to the Metro, we passed a gift shop. I decided to take the kids in to see what we could find for my boy. A "You don't know me" shirt for the witness protection program was just what he wanted.

As I was standing in line waiting to pay I noticed a sign. The amount of your purchase granted you special pictures as long as you used your own camera. I paid for our purchases, took the receipt, and we made our way to the back of the store. Some very important rooms were in the back of that store.

GG stood at the podium crafting the perfect speech. Most likely about ice cream and Harry Potter.

National Address

After we captured that moment, the three of us moved over to the big desk in the mock Oval Office. Little Dude wanted nothing to do with the biggest desk he has ever seen.

Oval office

Oval office

Just like John John did with President Kennedy, Paige stuck her head out from under the desk.

Oval office

At first I was mad. My goal was to have the perfect picture of the three of us in that office, but then I stopped to think. My boy is as stubborn as they come. He and I can never agree when he is set in his ways. I know in his future this will serve him well.

I may not have captured the perfect moment I envisioned, but I captured part of who my son truly is. And that is much better than a fake pose and a cheesy smile.

Until next time...


Kmama said...

Buddy is the same way. Moody, stubborn, etc. You can't force him to do anything.

Even though I accept that, it's still frustrating when I can't get him to cooperate for something as trivial as a picture. I feel ya!

Oka said...

I am guilty of such moods in front of the camera.

Shell said...

I love the pics that show personality. So much better than the perfectly staged ones. :)