Soccer drama continues

The other day I blogged about my feelings on soccer, should GG continue to play after this season. Neither I nor the husband are thrilled with her playing on the 9-13 year old team, but we'll see how it plays out in a few months.

I was reading my comments from that post and Oka suggested I look into joining the board with the hopes of making improvements. I think that's an awesome idea. Complaining from the sidelines rarely gets anything done. I'm active in the PTA and try to help keep our school stay awesome for many years.

After GG's soccer practice Friday night, joining the board is completely off the table!

At least 2 weeks ago (forgive me~ all the practices run together anymore), Little Dude's coach mentioned youth athlete recognition night. Each fall during one of the high school football games, young athletes are recognized on the field before the football game. His coach told us the night this season is going to be October 1.

GG has her practice Friday nights and with recognition night being the Friday coming up, I wanted to ask her coach how we were doing things. Would practice be cancelled or rescheduled? When and where should we meet at the stadium? He looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language! No one had mentioned anything about this to him. We walked over to ask the other coach there if she knew anything about it. This other coach is one of the people who is charge of the league.

She had no clue what we were talking about either!!!

For the life of me I can't figure out how Little Dude's coach knows all this information before everyone else. He was the first to know when the games started, what color Little Dude's team would be, and now the recognition night. But how is it that one of the head honchos of the league is clueless about all of this?!

Drama and confusion

I'm all for jumping in and lending a hand to improve the situation, but I'm definitely not sticking my hand in this mess!

Until next time....


Oka said...

I'm not sure I could handle an organization like that very well. Of course, I have been spoiled with what we have.

I haven't joined the board here, but I do get active with volunteering. I have also made a point of getting to know some of the people on the board. We have a rather large organization though. (We have over 50 select/traveling teams, and a rec division with 10 leagues totaling 109 teams)

I am personally grateful for all the people who have volunteered and dedicated their time to our soccer association. My kids love their time spent there.

I wish you could enjoy yours as much.

Kmama said...

Wow. And it's so close to the date. How weird that no one knows what's going on!

Amy said...

Sounds like you have it under control.. I think by just being there with your children you can stay on top of it. Have a great Monday..

Anonymous said...

sounds like a mess all right...your good to stay out of it as much as possible...jeesh :)