She is Not Seventeen

A few months ago, my daughter turned the big 1-3. Becoming a teenager is kind of a big deal. She got a new computer and for the first time ever, a friend was allowed to spend the night. I wasn't ready to deal with the fact that I had a teenager, but it is what it is and we made a big deal out of it. Another things I wasn't ready to deal with was a present from a family member.

I guess because my daughter's age now has the word "teen" in it, it seemed like a good idea to this person to get her a subscription to Seventeen magazine. To say I was annoyed was an understatement. That was one of the magazines I would occasionally read as a teenager myself. I knew much hadn't changed as far as content through the years so I knew right off the bat after hearing the news that this was not a magazine for my daughter.

My girl's idea of fashion is jeans and a flannel shirt over her favorite tee. She doesn't fix her hair and has no desire to wear make-up. I was annoyed because it felt like a wasted gift. Not much within those pages would interest her.

So far, she has received three magazines in the mail. I flipped through the first one she got. Partly out of curiosity and I also wanted to know what my 13 year old was reading. Most of it was fashion and makeup how to's. Sher might read through, she might not. Than I came across this.....

Look closely. Those bottoms are marketed as shorts. SHORTS!!!

As a friend of mine said when I shared this lovely bit on Facebook, "In the immortal words of Bart Simpson: "Eat my shorts"... Sadly, you would be left terribly hungry." I gave that month's magazine to my daughter, who also laughed at the "shorts".

The next month it wasn't too bad. Again, fashion, make-up and a few other things she doesn't care about. She said she would flip through the magazine (out of respect for the gift giver?) but probably wouldn't read much. This month? that magazine is going straight in the trash.

This article wasn't the first to jump out at me until the husband said something. "I hope she dumped his sorry ass"

Well, I hope so, too, but looking at these bright red bold words in the middle of the page, I wasn't so sure.

She did, btw

The article that DID jump out at me was this one...

First of all, when it comes to Spring Break, the only thing my daughter cares about is staying up late and sleeping in because she doesn't have to go to school. Also, I'm not sure that 17 is a good age to let your kids go on a Spring Break trip. Especially after reading these confessions. Hot tub hook-ups, shower make out sessions... need I go on?

How is this magazine appropriate for a 13 year old? Hell, I'm not even sure ANY girl should read it! Looks like I'll be adding to the recycling bin for the next 9 months of this subscription.

Has your child ever received a gift that did nothing but infuriate you?

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Unknown said...

I have four girls and have been addicted to these kind of magazines myself. Now, when I look back I can see that they are really bad for girls in particular, but also for woman.

As woman we do not need to read and see unrealistic, photoshopped versions of what the media think woman should look like.

I don't even want to say something about those 'shorts'.

I think the trash is the best place for this.

Shell said...

I can't believe she's 13. WOW.

I wouldn't want my child reading that magazine at that age, either.

Though I guess if I think about it, I was reading those types of magazines around that age(or at least as a high school freshmen, which was at 14). I don't think my mom had any idea what was in them. Good for you for checking it out!

Suzanne Bjornn White said...

Holy crap I can't believe some of that! The shorts especially. That makes me laugh. I totally thought they were underwear. Good thing your daughter has a good mom watching out for her! - Stopping by from Shell's link up. :)