Rallying the Ducks

We've been talking about it for quite some time, but our ducks just wouldn't stay in a row. Just like life, things happened, forcing us to rally those ducks and force them into place. Once the ducks were in place, we finally did it.


We absolutely LOVE our new house! Everything in the house has been renovated or replaced within the past two years but the house itself was built in 1935. I would love to try and find out if there's any interesting history behind the place.

Unfortunately we don't have a garage or driveway. It looks like it's now or never as far as me perfecting parallel parking. I know we won't complain about the lack of a driveway in the Winter when it's one less thing to shovel snow from, but there are so many more pros than cons to this house.

I have a kitchen I can move around in. 

A double sink. Go ahead... be jealous :-)

A place for a proper kitchen table. 


Everyone has their own rooms. Our basement is beyond huge. The husband has not one, but TWO workrooms. There's a place to store our seasonal and yard stuff. And there's a room that will eventually become a game room. Between both kids having their own rooms and the game room, it means that the living room is toy free.


It's quite liberating. At least for me.

I feel so grown up.

There's also an extra room next to our bedroom which is slowly becoming my office. Hopefully this is what I need to help my Cuppa Stitches Etsy shop go to the next level.

A huge perk to the house is it being on a dead end street with plenty of kids to play with. Everyone can ride bikes without having to worry about traffic, except for a neighbor here and there who is coming or going. We also have an insanely big back yard.

All the way up to the trees is ours!
There's also room to play on the side and front of the house. 

Our boy is quite excited about that. I love that both kids, but especially the boy, now have the room kids need to run around and properly play. The downfall to all of this room outside to play? The ridiculous amount of band-aids I'm realizing I will need for the summer.

In the past week alone, the boy has smacked his face off the porch railing, nearly breaking his nose, fallen off his bike and has gotten so many bumps and bruises on his legs I fear people will start to think we abuse him.

Awesome porch that almost broke my son's face.
I could sit out there for hours on end listening to the peace and quite.
Total opposite of where we used to live.

Every summer I say it will be a miracle if we don't need to go to the emergency room for stitches or a broken bone. The way things are going so far, it will definitely be a miracle if we make it through the summer alive. But finally being in a place where our kids can play outside more than inside is worth the risk.

I really have nowhere in this post to add this picture but I can't not share it. This little shelf sits in the hallway by the kids' rooms. It almost makes me want to get a landline, but the fountain works just as well.

Because this was a sudden and unexpected move, the entire process was so very stressful. Packing was a nightmare and quite frankly, after being here a month, there are still things we can't find! But now that we're all settled I think this house was fate or whatever you want to call it. Having more room and being in a neighborhood where kids can play is something I have wanted for years.

And we're finally on a street where the ice cream truck comes to. The kids are happy. Our wallets? Not so much. Again, it's worth it!

Until next time...


BNM said...

congrats! Were in the process of trying to find and buy a house soon!

Jin Ai @ Mama Hear Me Roar said...

What a wonderful place! And a great space for playing too :)

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