When you give a mouse a house

It's been a l-o-o-o-ng time since I've blogged and I'm trying to get back into it (again).  Where have I been? The title of this post might give you a hint.....

If you give a mouse a house, it takes over.  It also brings friends, keeps you up at night, and cause you to clean.  A lot!

Let me start at the beginning.  Last Spring.

We discovered we had a mouse in the house.  We heard it, found evidence, so off I went to buy traps.  Being a lover of most animals, I couldn't bring myself to buy poison or your basic trap.  I bought ones that looked like a box.  Mouse goes in, trap closes, dead mouse.  Throw the boxy trap away and you never have to see what's inside.

Weeks went by.  We moved the traps to different areas of the house a few times.  Finally, the husband discovered we caught the mouse.  Judging by the weight of the trap with a dead mouse inside, the husband declared it to be a ROUS.

Bonus points if you know what that means ;-)

Fast forward.... December... Another mouse.

This one wasn't seen.  Evidence couldn't be found, at least not out in the open.  But I could hear it.  Chewing boxes, trying to get food.  Back to the store I went to buy more traps. I bought different, but similar in style traps.  I didn't want to touch a dead mouse!  Don't get me wrong, I actually like mice.  In a cage.  Bought on purpose.  As a pet.  Not as uninvited guests.

This situation was the same as in the Spring.  Move traps around.  Wait.  Finally, it's caught.  Into the garbage mouse and trap go.  I proudly told the husband I not only caught but disposed of the mouse.  We could go back to life as usual.

Or so I thought.

Next morning, I woke up to mouse droppings on our stove.  Back to square one we go.  The 2 previous traps we purchased could no longer be found at any store I went to.  I ended up with ones that looked like chip clips.  It was either those or poison.  At this point I was still against poison bait with the kids around and in my kitchen.  I set and tucked the trap behind a pile of mail.  That night I heard noises.  The husband was stuck at work due to a bad snow storm and I was on edge because of that.  I thought GG was moving around in her bed because she was only half asleep a few minutes prior.  Ten minutes later I hear the noise again.  Surely GG was asleep by now and it couldn't be the mouse.  Mice don't make that much noise!  Laying in bed not sure what to do, I waited and listened.  Sure enough I hear the noise again a few minutes later.  I grab my phone (because that will keep my safe if I run into an intruder, right?!) and I head downstairs.

I had caught mouse #3 and this one was smart.  Sort of.  It tried to swipe at the peanut butter in the trap with it's paw and the trap closed on it's tiny paw.  This mouse was trying to scurry back under the stove burner with a mouse trap in tow.

It's after midnight, I'm in my pajamas, and here I am grabbing the biggest pot I could find and chucking a live mouse connected to a trap into it.  I raced out the back door, squeezed open the trap, praying the mouse wouldn't bite me in the process, and chucked it out into the snow.

All of this was done in front of a watching neighbor who decided to step outside at that very moment to have a smoke.  I'm still not sure what the proper conversation to have is after someone catches you throwing mice around with a pot.

Since then we have caught 2 more mice.  I am not a cat person.  Cats do not fall under the lover of most animals that I am category.  But I am starting to reconsider.

Anyone have a cat I can borrow?

Until next time...

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