Mirror, Mirror

I should take a picture of our bedroom to show off that, for once, it's clean.  But that's my and the husband's space.  However, I will tell you all about what is on the walls.

Or was on the walls.

See, there are these mirrors.  Three of them.  Close to five feet tall.  On the wall all lined up next to each other.  They were on the wall when we moved in.  I know the family that lived here before us.  I also know that the adults of that family were smokers.  And they smoked in the house.  Knowing what that can do to your walls, we left the mirrors be.

These three mirrors, full length did come in handy on those rare occassions where I had to dress up, but (keeping in mind I know the family that lived here before us), it kind of creeped me out seeing those mirrors right next to where their bed was.  As if the mirrored sliding doors for the big closet weren't enough!

Over the years, I did my best to keep those mirrors clean.  Quite often our kids wold hang their artwork on them.  After a while it didn't erally bother me that they were there.  Until today...

Mid-afternoon, I plopped my butt down on the couch, turned on A Baby Story, and began to fold laundry.  Everything was folded and I started to work of matching the uneven amount of socks I had when... ba-ba-BOOM!!!  And then the living room went out.

I ran upstairs.  Searched our room, searched GG's room, peeked in her closet up towards the attic.  Nothing.  All was where it should be.  So I searched our room again.  Our cable box was out and my alarm clock was out.  Something fell and knocked the plug out of the outlet.  And that's when I saw it.  One of the mirrors crashed to the floor, knocked tricky plug out, which sometimes causes the lamp in the living room to go out.

How the hell did it just fall off the wall when no one in the room?  Let me show you how it was hung and then you'll understand.

Those long strips?  The paper is still on so they serve no purpose whatsoever.  How this mirror stayed on our bedroom wall for over 10 years is beyond me.!

Luckily, the mirror didn't shatter.  I could still use it to help me decide if an outfit (obviously not this one!!) is good enough for a date night.  But...

There is a crack running across the bottom now.

My business partner and I are about to start something big, and good, with our Macaroni Kid newsletter.  Hopefully we can prove that a broken mirror does NOT bring 7 years bad luck.

Also... I think the husband and I should take the remaining 2 mirrors off the wall before we tempt fate.

Until next time...

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Oka said...

sounds like our family ghost visited your house ;-)