Hungry toys

Lately it seems that everything we want or have to do all falls on the same day. It's not quite an issue during the week because I'm still home during the day to get stuff done around the house. But when events fall on the weekend, everything goes to hell. And by everything, I mean the house.

Dishes are piled up. Clean, but not yet put away. The living room is clean, but not quite. Big toys have been put away, but little Lego blocks and army men can still be seen throughout the room. By the time the kids go to bed at night, I am just too tired to do much about those things.

And besides, the kids' bedtime equals some me time. I'm willing to sacrifice certain things in my life, but don't anyone dare take away my me time!

Saturday night I finally found the pattern for a vest I had lost when my computer died. I knew right then that I would work on that vest once the kids went to bed. As I worked on that vest with episodes of Big Bang Theory in the background, I glanced around the room. I knew a few things still needed put away, but it finally occurred to me that the toys would take care of themselves.

To be more specific, the dinosaurs would take care of the misplaced toys.

This dinosaur will kindly eat organize all of our Wii and DS games

This one will kindly eat take my new pillow up to the bedroom

This dinosaur, well I'm not sure what his job is.
I think the other, bigger toys have attacked him in protest!

For the record, none of these pictures were staged. This is exactly what I saw when I surveyed the room.

Until next time...


Oka said...

can you send them my way when they are done getting your house picked up?

Liz said...

A little bit of pretend play is good for the soul. :-)

Alexandra said...

That's what I love about picking up...their play scenes frozen for me to smile and take in.

I love that.