What the boy really wants

Alternately titled "The year we became some of those parents" - the crazy, must have this toy and now Christmas shopper kind of parents.

Every Christmas, we buy each kid one big gift and a few smaller, filler gifts. The idea for GG was conceived a few months ago and it is now safely hiding somewhere in the house. Little Dude's big gift? Well, that another story. And an ugly one.

A few months ago LeapFrog announced a new toy, the LeapPad. As cool as it looked, I didn't really think Little Dude needed it. I knew he would love it, but I really didn't want to buy all new games. It would be like switching all of our VHS tapes over to DVDs - a royal pain in the ass! And besides, stores around here weren't carrying them. I wasn't going to turn into one of those moms who goes nuts over a toy for her young child. I did that once with Elmo and it wasn't fun.

As time passed I periodically checked out this LeapPad. Our Target finally got a few in stock and I admit, I did play around with the display model a bit. But I still wasn't sure if his Explorer games would work with it. After more research, I learned that his games would in fact work with this new system. Now I had to get the husband on board with me on this purchase.

The husband was on the fence for quite some time but I finally managed to pull him over to the other side, my side. This feat of mine was finally accomplished the day after Cyber Monday. That night we turned to the LeapFrog website, as well as websites for any and all stores that sold toys. The LeapPad could not be found anywhere. The husband and I decided we would keep looking, but would talk up the dinosaur I had purchased a few days prior in case we couldn't acquire a LeapPad. And then Monday happened.

I had gone shopping with a friend in the morning. Once home I decided to give finding an available LeapPad a shot. The LeapFrog website wouldn't load and I knew something was up. A quick check of their Facebook page told me they had a few in stock. Everybody and their mother must have seen this status update. Damn them!

The husband and I spent the better part of the next 3 hours trying to obtain this precious toy. Just as one of us managed to add it to our virtual cart, our session would time out and the site would crash. Finally at the end of that 3 hour time span, the husband managed to add one to his cart and enter our shipping information. Just as he was about to enter our billing information, the site crashed once again. Our purchase never went through. When the site was finally brought back up, all but the super expensive bundles were sold out. Not wanting to spend that kind of money, we felt sad, frustrated, and defeated.

Yesterday afternoon the husband and I finally agreed that we would purchase Little Dude a LeapPad after Christmas. Perhaps for Easter. I had lost hope of obtaining one and I think the frustrations from Monday were something the husband didn't want to go through again. Apparently a little birdie, or frog in this case thought otherwise.

As usual, while dinner is cooking, the kids are taking a tv break, the husband is upstairs doing work for the class he's taking, and I'm playing around on the computer . That's when I saw it - our window of opportunity. One little status update with a heads up and off I was racing up the steps to share what I just read with the husband. He quickly jumped on the website and just like that, he bought our boy a LeapPad. I cannot wait to see Little Dude's face come Christmas morning!

Now if only I could have this kind of luck with the lottery!

How is your Christmas shopping going? Hopefully not as stressful as mine!

Until next time...


Oka said...

He's going to be so Happy. Bubby is getting one from his grandparents....my Dad was not into hunting for one, so when he found the large bundle on Leap Frog he bought it. I won't complain though, we had no games to start with. The bundle came with games and an app card. I love that the two units can share apps and cartridges.

Tracie Nall said...

I'm so happy that you were able to get one! Whew. It is nice that his existing games will work on it, too.

I wish I had that kind of luck with the lottery too!

The Sisters' Hood said...

We have every faith in you now for the lottery and we trust you will remember your bloggy friends ;)

Look at all that effort - huge points Mom and Dad!

Unknown said...

LOL Next time try Amazon.com or Ebay.com might save you a HUGE headache. I'll warn you just be sure that you register the product and be sure to get a warrenty on it just in case the kiddo puts something other then a game in the cartridge slot like mine did. It screwed up the video card and there was no way to fix it. Crazy woman that I am wasn't sure if I purchased an additional warrenty on it and ended up throwing a $99 electronic toy in the garbage after only having it in the house for two weeks.

Shell said...

Does he love it? There is another one I'm looking at for mine. The Nobi tablet. It was sold out at Christmas, but maybe for Easter.